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What makes a consultation at Glossed different?


We want you to leave our salon looking and feeling your best and understand that you may not know which treatment would be best for you, so why not book a consultation and let one of our experienced therapists advise you? We have built an excellent reputation on providing a comprehensive, consultation as part of our standard service, even if you are just coming in for a maintenance treatment or a completely new look, our team are 100% focused on you from the moment you enter the salon.


Why do I need a consultation?


Having a consultation will ensure that you get the most out of your time with us. They offer us much more than the opportunity to discuss your next treatment. It doesn't matter if you are just after a simple eye brow wax, set of lashes, a facial or a massage. A consultation is the best way for you to communicate with your therapist and is a vital part of your beauty journey, it gives us the chance to meet you, show you around the salon and more importantly, start a relationship that will last! We will match you to the stylist that we think will understand your needs and recommend the best treatment for you. For example with so many different treatments available for your brows do you know which one you need? HD Brows, Lamination, Henna or just a wax and tint.

Your relationship with your beauty therapist is potentially one of the most rewarding partnerships around. We know your likes, your loathes and much more than where you're off to on holiday! It is a relationship built on trust and absolute honesty. 



What should I bring to my consultation?


For a successful beauty consultation it would help for you to bring the following:


  • Any inspirational pictures of styles you love - or even ones you don’t. It may be the perfect brow, a full on set of Russian Lashes or some amazing nails. This will help our therapists to understand what it is you are after.

  • Your beauty history -  please be honest with us about past allergic reactions, and information about your lifestyle, for example if you regularly swim - as this will help us to determine which services and products to offer.




Can I have treatment on the same day as my consultation?


If you've not visited our salon before for a tint or chemical service, then you will not be able to have the treatment on the same day. This is because we will need to perform a simple skin allergy test to ensure that you suffer no adverse reactions to the colour or products that we will use. 

Your skin allergy test will need to be performed at least 48 hours prior to your service. Once this is done we can get you booked in!



Book your complimentary consultation at Glossed - NOW!


If you would like to book a complimentary consultation with a member of our highly skilled team therapist, please phone 01255 235425 or use our booking system on this website, Facebook or Instagram


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